Wednesday, October 17, 2001


So I'm sitting here writing my nice little COM objects for a project I'm working on and I thought I'd post something. Why? Because I rarely do and it's about time I cut that out, I mean I pay for half of this site I should put it to use for god sake (whatever that means); you hear what I'm saying to you? Yes, YOU, the person who's actually here, reading this. Wow, you must be bored. Go DO something with your life...

If you're still here these are two good reasons to go away (not that I don't like the fact that you popped by for a visit, but this is the mood that I'm in; deal):
1) Nobody gets out of this alive.
2) Your whole life leads up to death, so make the most of it (life that is).

bye, bye now...

Friday, October 12, 2001

Long time no post... for me.

I don't really have any news or anything as official as that to post. I just feel like writing something, not much of something (ok fine), but something.

I've sent out a bunch of resumes in the past couple of days... I as I'm sure you've guessed I am looking for a job. And, given the current hiring environment, his is proving to be not as easy as it sometimes has been; yeah, I can just hear the violins (BM!)... Anyway, so that's one thing.

I'm in also into cars now. Which is something that's been in the making for a long time but for some reason I never cared about them before.

It's like this: I tend to give people a bit of a hard time if they don't know anything about their computer and I think it's well deserved on their part. I'm nice about it but it's just a point I'm trying to make with them. The idea being if you use this thing every day (and most people do), you rely on it to some degree (probably a high degree), if it fails you find it more difficult to get work done. Yet, you know almost nothing more than the base skill set to operate it; that's a bad combination.

So then I turn it around on my self, something I do fairly often (keeps me honest... as corny as that sounds), and I'm doing the same damn thing; but with cars. So no I'm becoming more familiar with my car. Which, btw, is a new-to-me '94 BMW 3-series (it's a great car, bit slow... but I like it) because my Maxima was stolen (f*ing bastards); as much as a I like my new car I miss my old one... No matter though, on ward and up ward (next up a 330Ci or MKIV Supra TT). Of course I'm just content with being conscious about a subject, nope, I've gotta take it a step further... because that's always where you get to do the fun stuff :)

So, it's now all about bigger, better, faster, more (hence the two cars I mentioned; that I will have)... if for no other reason it helps to get my mind off of other things; which at times can be the most valuable "tool." Everyone should have something that just gets their mind off of everything else; even it's just for a short period.

hmmm... ok, that's it for now.

Thursday, October 11, 2001


It's been fairly quiet here at Fusion Industries. What's been going on? Well, I'm back at the university and I'm taking some very interesting classes -- Compiler Design, Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Models, and SCUBA diving. I've also been teaching myself how to play the guitar.

That's about it for now... Alex out