Friday, October 12, 2001

Long time no post... for me.

I don't really have any news or anything as official as that to post. I just feel like writing something, not much of something (ok fine), but something.

I've sent out a bunch of resumes in the past couple of days... I as I'm sure you've guessed I am looking for a job. And, given the current hiring environment, his is proving to be not as easy as it sometimes has been; yeah, I can just hear the violins (BM!)... Anyway, so that's one thing.

I'm in also into cars now. Which is something that's been in the making for a long time but for some reason I never cared about them before.

It's like this: I tend to give people a bit of a hard time if they don't know anything about their computer and I think it's well deserved on their part. I'm nice about it but it's just a point I'm trying to make with them. The idea being if you use this thing every day (and most people do), you rely on it to some degree (probably a high degree), if it fails you find it more difficult to get work done. Yet, you know almost nothing more than the base skill set to operate it; that's a bad combination.

So then I turn it around on my self, something I do fairly often (keeps me honest... as corny as that sounds), and I'm doing the same damn thing; but with cars. So no I'm becoming more familiar with my car. Which, btw, is a new-to-me '94 BMW 3-series (it's a great car, bit slow... but I like it) because my Maxima was stolen (f*ing bastards); as much as a I like my new car I miss my old one... No matter though, on ward and up ward (next up a 330Ci or MKIV Supra TT). Of course I'm just content with being conscious about a subject, nope, I've gotta take it a step further... because that's always where you get to do the fun stuff :)

So, it's now all about bigger, better, faster, more (hence the two cars I mentioned; that I will have)... if for no other reason it helps to get my mind off of other things; which at times can be the most valuable "tool." Everyone should have something that just gets their mind off of everything else; even it's just for a short period.

hmmm... ok, that's it for now.